Reffley Wood, King's Lynn, Norfolk, 19-May-84

Posted on 19 May, 1984 in Fieldtrips

Weather: Dull, overcast.

Dunnock singing from pines.

Magpie feeding in oak tree closely watched by Collared Dove; Magpie maybe eating dove's eggs?

Long-Tailed Tit in oak.

Blackbird mobbing something in woods; a cat? House Sparrows in hedge.

Song Thrush searching in grass for snails, very early in the year for thrushes to resort to snails.

Robin in pine tree singing its winter song as it's between broods. Wren with loud song from undergrowth.

Pines eaten by [Grey] Squirrels. Nothing growing under pines. Goldcrest singing in Scot's pine. Blue Tit feeding in Douglas fir. Chiff Chaff not so common this year as Sahara Desert has spread over its wintering area.

Yellowhammer singing 'a little bit of bread and no cheese'. Willow Warbler singing its descending song. Garden Warbler singing in dense blackthorn.

Stock Dove flew over and as we looked up we saw a 'Devil Bird' Swift. [Grey] Squirrel's drey half way popular [sic] tree, it's made of the paper like bark of honey-suckle. When we looked at nearest honey-suckle we found a Wren's nest made of bracken.

Grey Squirrel in ash tree with a [Carrion] Crow's nest at the top.

We climbed a large oak tree and found a Nuthatch nest, after descending the tree and waiting a little while we spotted a parent Nuthatch going to the nest.

19 species spotted.