October 2016

Posted on 31 October, 2016 in Summaries

Out and about for fall migration, I was at Fenway & Victory Gardens where I birded with Paul Peterson for a while. He showed me a Northern Pintail and Green-Winged Teal that he'd found earlier; a Nashville Warbler was also present.

A few days later at Leverett Pond I saw another Belted Kingfisher, the second in 6 months after going years without seeing one at this site. I also saw several Blackpoll Warblers around Leverett and Willow Pond, which I had not seen during spring migration.

Towards the end of the month at Boston Public Gardens I had an exhilarating, site-tick Bald Eagle flyover, which I was able to photograph, also a soaring Cooper's Hawk.

Bald Eagle

Tuesday 4th, Fenway Victory Gardens, Suffolk County, MA, USA.

Saturday 8th, Olmsted Park--Leverett Pond, Suffolk County, MA, USA.

Saturday 8th, Olmsted Park--Willow Pond, Suffolk County, MA, USA.

Tuesday 25th, Boston Public Garden, Suffolk County, MA, USA.